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Emanuele Peruffo
freelance full-stack developer

Curriculum Vitae


Via Verona 53, Trissino, Vicenza, Italia

Work Experience

Freelance, Vicenza, Italy

Web Developer and Software Programmer, 2014 - Current

I’m currently working as a self employed Web Developer and Software Programmer.

I work with Node.js because I consider it the best environment to create both front-ends thanks to Webpack and back-ends thanks to Express, AWS Lambda or Google Cloud Functions.

I implement the JAMstack architecture to make software quick and performing.

The websites I develop are configurable via an admin interface as any CMS (Content Management System).

I use also PHP e WordPress when required by my clients.

I use both SQL and NoSQL databases like MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL depending on the requirements of each project.

1form Online Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia

Web Developer, 2012 - 2014

I worked first as an independent contractor and as a full time employee after I was granted a working visa.

I extensively contributed to the remake and modernisation of 1form, which is the most widely used website for online tenancy applications in both Australia and New Zealand. 1form claims more than 3.000.000 registered users.

1form demonstrated so successful that REA Group Ltd, the Australia’s leading real estate company, recently bought it.

This job highly improved my web development skills in PHP and MVC frameworks thanks to the aid of Yii.

The magnitude of this project required a careful design and code structuring to facilitate tests and techniques of agile development.

I immediately gained the trust of my colleagues and employers, so that in the 2nd year I was developing 1form almost autonomously.

I dealt with development, tests, beta tests, deployments, server and database administration.

I used JIRA daily as the project management tool for bug and time tracking.

I deepened my knowledge of GIT since all the 1form source code is hosted on GitHub.

I attended daily sessions of stand-ups.

I spent 2 weeks in the offices of REA Group to train their staff for the continuation of this project.

I helped in the development of a couple of websites based on Ruby on Rails in a team of 5 programmers.

My Duties at 1form Pty Ltd
  • Remaking of the old 1form.com.au and launch as 1form.com
  • Development with HTML 5, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL
  • Development with Ruby on Rails and MongoDB
  • Analysis of requirements and design
  • Cooperation with the QA and customer service departments to fix bugs and improve functionality
  • Administration of servers, databases and development environments

Univex, Melbourne, Australia

Web Developer - 2012

I worked as an independent contractor on 2 different projects.

I worked on a software based on HTML which displays digital signage content retrieved from a centralised server developed in Python.

I also started to write from scratch a software based on PHP and HTML which manages employees, customers and payments of a company.

I used Yii as MVC framework and JIRA as project management tool.

My Duties at Univex
  • Maintenance of an existing HTML and Python based software
  • Implementation of the foundation of a new extensible web application
  • SQL database design

E-side, Vicenza, Italy

Web Developer, 2009 - 2011

This is the job where I stated my experience as a web developer.

I worked on many websites using HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, MooTools, JQuery.

I learnt effective techniques to make websites compatible with Internet Explorer (v6 and subsequent).

I had the opportunity to build complex websites requiring careful database design implementing appropriate indexes, triggers and custom functions.

I mastered MySQL and learnt to write advanced and optimised SQL queries.

My Duties at e-side
  • Web development using a custom CMS
  • Advanced MySQL functionalities like triggers and stored procedures
  • Cross-browser development

Studio Storti, Vicenza, Italy

Web Developer, 2007 - 2008

This has been my first job as a web developer.

I developed open source web applications for public administrations.

I learnt to write PHP code guided by a senior developer.

I used ExtJS, which is a JavaScript library providing GUI tools to ease the front end development.

My Duties at Studio Storti
  • Web application design and development
  • SQL database design


ITIS G. Chilesotti, Vicenza, Italy

High School Diploma as a Computer Expert, 2001 - 2006

I attended this course following my passion for the IT.

This course provided 2 years common to all schools of this kind followed by 3 years of specialisation in Information Technology.

It deals with topics like software programming, databases, web programming, networks, system administration on Windows and Unix-like environments.

This course teaches the bases of procedural and object oriented programming with Pascal, Delphi with InterBase, C++ and Java.

It deals with web technologies, particularly HTML, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.

Stage at Studio Storti, Vicenza, Italy

Stage, 2007

I attended professional training for 6 months in the company, which then employed me full time.

Read my work experience for details.

My Duties at Studio Storti during my stage
  • Design and development of web applications with PHP, MySQL, HTML and JavaScript
  • Practical experience in the software development processes: definition of requirements and analysis, design, development, test and support